Finding your inner calm

The Initial Consultation

Subsequent Sessions

We will start each session on a positive note with me asking 'what has been good?' in your week.  This helps to get you into the intellectual part of your brain where you can think positively.  We will expand on the explanation of the brain and use scientifically researched examples that are relevant to you which give you a further understanding of how your brain is working.  I then ask you the 'Miracle Question', what would you be doing that would make you feel better, what would be different in your life?  This allows your imagination to come up with a positive scenario so that once again we are focusing on the positives in your life.  

Once we have discussed that and how it would help you, we move on to the couch (or wherever you are most comfortable if we are online) where you will have a session of deep relaxation.  Here I will use language patterns and positive suggestions to help you feel calmer and more positive.  You will experience trance which is a common experience - we experience it all the time, whilst watching tv, driving etc.  Trance is when the two minds (intellectual and primitive) come together and we have access to the subconscious  which will be working to change the way you feel and think. You will wake from this trance feeling a little like you've had a short nap.  We will then plan the next session   

We use the initial consultation to get a background from you so that I can create a programme of sessions specifically for you so that we can begin to see some changes really quickly.  Our first session together is where you have the opportunity to tell me as much or as little as you want about how you feel. I will ask you some questions to get an idea of how your life is being affected and we will discuss your sleep and how this may be impacting you. As we are using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy there is no need for you to go into great detail about how you have reached where you are today as we focus on the positive future so that you look forward to how you would want your life to be. 

I will then give you an explanation of how the brain works which most clients find extremely reassuring as it shows how you have reached the point you are at and also allows you to see how this can be changed.  This is very often a 'lightbulb' moment as this understanding allows you to see how you can change the way you are feeling.

You will leave this session with a link to my relaxation audio to listen to each night as you fall asleep.

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