All information disclosed during your therapy is strictly confidential.

The only exception to this is when I have a professional obligation to report any concerns should there be a risk of harm to yourself or others. Client records are kept in a locked cabinet and only accessible by myself, in line with General Data Protection Regulations, 2018 (GDPR).


Please give at least 24 hours for the cancellation of an appointment or I reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee.

Code of Conduct

As a certified member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I abide by their Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics which is available at

Client Participation

Hypnotherapy is an effective method of treatment, however success is not guaranteed and will only work with the client’s full participation which
includes listening to the audio between sessions. I will explain this in the initial consultation.

Results may vary from person to person and success is closely linked with your desire to change and your commitment to the therapy.

Mutual respect and care will be maintained at all times.

Hi, I'm Penny

Helping people achieve a calmer mind and returning them to a happy and fulfilling state of mind gives me great pleasure and combining hypnotism and therapy is the most helpful technique to achieve positive results in a calm and relaxing non invasive manner.

I am currently offering sessions online with my clients and have been pleased to find that this works as well as face to face sessions so please do get in touch for an appointment if you need a little help.